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Mission Driven Leadership Transitions

A significant generational leadership transition is already taking place in the nonprofit sector, which will continue to accelerate over the next decade. This presents both challenges and opportunities to a nonprofit’s ability to sustain and enhance mission impact and creates a powerful incentive for departing nonprofit CEO’s and boards to develop mission driven processes that …
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The Board Chair’s Role in an Executive Search

No board chair I’ve ever met has taken on the role of chair with the hope of leading a search process for a new executive director or CEO. The chair’s job can be demanding enough without the prospect of handling all aspects of a leadership transition and executive search. Yet transition is a reality, and …
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Questions Every Board Should Ask

I advise the nonprofits with which I work to dedicate at least one board meeting each year to reviewing the strategic plan and the organization’s progress towards their shared goals. This same meeting not only presents an opportunity for the executive director or president to present the key elements of the action plan for the …
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Strategic Plans Benefit from Value Statements

In the strategic planning work we do at Starboard Leadership Consulting, it is not unusual for us to engage in discussions about organizational values. While the mission succinctly tells people who you are and why you are in business, value statements describe what you care about, how you treat people, and what you value most. …
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The Difference Between Strategic Planning and Annual Planning

For years we’ve been telling anyone who will listen “Not having a strategic plan is like trying to sail without a rudder.” Without a strategic plan, you are at the mercy of the changing winds with little control over how far you’ll drift or where you’ll end up. Of course, while there are lots more …
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Executive Search – What to consider before you launch

In the workshops we lead, we often say: “No one joins a nonprofit board of directors hoping to participate in a search for a new president or CEO.” Managing a leadership transition and conducting an executive search can prove to be one of the most significant challenges a board can face. Whether you have been …
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