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We are happy to share what we learn, and we do this as workshop instructors, by developing curriculum for the Maine Association of Nonprofits and individual clients, and by offering advice on our Starboard blog. Take a look. You just might find the guidance you need!

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Selecting a Search Firm – 6 Questions to Consider

How familiar is the firm with the landscape in which we work? If you are hoping to generate local or regional candidates, as well as applicants from other states, you’ll find it very helpful to engage a firm or consultant who is familiar with your competition, as well as your partners, knows the geography in …
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Executive Search – Can We Do It Ourselves?

If you are fortunate, you’ve grown the talent you need within your organization—you have someone who is ready for leadership, who has the experience required and the support of the board, staff, and key stakeholders. Well-planned succession of leadership is certainly the ideal, but rarely is it reality. While large corporations may have the luxury …
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Why you need a transition committee AND a search committee

Searching for a new leader and ensuring a smooth transition from one leader to the next are two different things. While some search committees end-up being called the “transition committee,” and may even find that their work extends beyond the search, we recommend nonprofit boards consider having one committee for the search and a separate …
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The Board Chair’s Role in an Executive Search

No board chair I’ve ever met has taken on the role of chair with the hope of leading a search process for a new executive director or CEO. The chair’s job can be demanding enough without the prospect of handling all aspects of a leadership transition and executive search. Yet transition is a reality, and …
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Executive Search – What to consider before you launch

In the workshops we lead, we often say: “No one joins a nonprofit board of directors hoping to participate in a search for a new president or CEO.” Managing a leadership transition and conducting an executive search can prove to be one of the most significant challenges a board can face. Whether you have been …
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