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About Us

Serving nonprofit leaders, chief executives, and business owners, Starboard Leadership Consulting provides strategic planning, board governance, and leadership transition advice, as well as a full range of leadership and organizational development services.

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At Starboard we share a passion for helping organizations, institutions, and businesses excel. We develop ongoing relationships with our clients, gain a thorough understanding of their needs, and tailor our approach to meet those needs and deliver effective, cost-efficient strategies for success. As an affiliate of Rudman Winchell Counselors at Law in Bangor, we are able to draw upon the expertise available within the law firm, in addition to our own experience, resources and the geographical reach of our team to bring a depth of expertise to our clients throughout Maine.

Our mission

To improve our communities by strengthening their businesses, organizations, and institutions.

Our values

  • We do this work because we want to build the capacity of our clients and add value to our communities.
  • Our clients can count on the fact that we are personally invested in the work we do, that we’ll always work at the highest level of professionalism and skill, and that we will give every client our very best.
  • We want to work with clients who fit with our mission and share our values, and we will take on those projects we find personally and professionally fulfilling.
  • We want our clients to rely on us as trusted and strategic partners who are careful listeners and thoughtful advisors.
  • We respect the unique qualities of individuals and organizations, and we have an appreciation for diversity and for what diverse organizations contribute to the community.
  • We have chosen to do this work because we enjoy the challenge and because it brings value to our communities. We will always strive to capture that spirit in our relationships with others.

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