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Since 2005, Maine leaders have turned to Starboard for an array of nonprofit consulting and business consulting services:

We have structured mergers, supported collaborative efforts, assisted in starting new organizations, and helped long-time leaders effect successful transitions. At Starboard we partner with you, bringing nonprofit consulting and business consulting expertise to help you build successful organizations, manage change, and get the very most out of your people.

Our clients include Maine corporations, family businesses, foundations, nonprofit organizations, local and state governments, community collaborations, schools, colleges, and their leaders. What they all share in common is a desire to get better at what they do and the knowledge that sometimes it is better not to go it alone.

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Our clients can count on us to begin every project with a conversation, which helps us to understand your unique needs and consider how best to assist you. Call now (207) 992-4406 to begin the conversation and learn more. All initial consultations are free of charge.

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