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For more than 12 years, Maine business and nonprofit leaders have turned to Starboard for an array of consulting services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Board governance
  • Leadership and team development
  • Transition and succession planning
  • Executive search

We have structured mergers, supported collaborative efforts, assisted in starting new organizations, and helped long-time leaders effect successful transitions. At Starboard we partner with you to build successful organizations, manage change, and get the very most out of your people.

Our clients include Maine corporations, family businesses, foundations, nonprofit organizations, local and state governments, community collaborations, schools, colleges, and their leaders. What they all share in common is a desire to get better at what they do and the knowledge that sometimes it is better not to go it alone.

Here’s why our clients choose Starboard:

  • Depth and breadth of experience – A tremendous breadth of experience results from the lessons learned in working with more than 150 Maine businesses and nonprofit organizations. That experience also means that we can move quickly and confidently to develop successful strategies and efficient solutions that won’t waste your time.
  • Maine is where we live and work – We care deeply about the health and success of Maine businesses, communities, and people, and it is here where we can have real impact. When you hire Starboard, we become your local partner. When the project is over we don’t board the next flight out of town—we are accessible, available, and cost efficient.
  • Our team approach to consulting – We draw upon the extensive and varied experience of our consulting team to provide you with the essential expertise and guidance you need. You also have the benefit of our vast network of Maine contacts, resources, and relationships, as well as the opportunity for referrals to specialized expertise.

While we see tremendous cross-over between the work we do with nonprofit organizations and with for-profit businesses, we recognize that there are some unique aspects to both, which is why we provide you with the opportunity below to learn more about the services that best fit your business or organization:

Click here for Nonprofit Consulting Services and Business Consulting Services

We make strategic planning manageable

Organizations too often avoid strategic planning because they worry it will be overly complicated or cumbersome, take too much time, or result in little more than a 3-ring binder that sits on the shelf. Our planning experience with dozens of clients (both for-profit and non-profit) has demonstrated that successful strategic planning—strategic planning that truly guides the organization into the future—can be accomplished efficiently, in a timely manner, and without gobbling-up staff time.

We know your organization is unique, as are the people who care about it. Instead of presenting a “one-size-fits-all” approach to planning, we spend time getting to know your organization, assess your needs, and then tailor a planning process to achieve your desired outcomes and meet your budget. Together we will develop a planning process that meets your timeline, stays reasonable in scope, and delivers effective strategies to guide your organization to future success.

For more information about how we can assist you in your planning process, visit our Strategic Planning page.

Strengthen your leaders, your managers and your teams

Whether you’re faced with leading a major cultural shift, trying to improve team cohesion and performance, or building the managerial skills of your front-line supervisors, at Starboard we can help you translate big goals into concrete plans and action steps that lead to positive change.

Success in today’s challenging environment requires leaders who have the tools to lead their teams and organizations through major change. Just as importantly, you need effective managers who have the essential management skills to engage your employees to achieve shared goals.

Whatever your need, you can count on us to help you meet it. We have designed and tailored training programs for a wide variety of large and small clients on:

  • Leadership and team development
  • Managerial effectiveness
  • Communication
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Culture change

Moreover, as authorized partners of Wiley’s Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, we bring to our partnership with you not just experienced trainers and facilitation but also proven assessment and training tools used by organizations worldwide.

To learn more about how we can assist you in building the capacity of your leaders, managers, and teams, visit our Leadership & Team Development page for details regarding our services and the tools we use.

Building truly effective boards of directors

Core to our mission, and central to our vision at Starboard, is our commitment to help organizations and corporations build strong boards of directors. We are known throughout Maine, and across the country, for our expertise in board governance and have built our reputation on our extensive work with corporate, foundation, and nonprofit boards of directors.

In addition to the individual counsel we provide each year to dozens of boards and their leaders, we lead workshops, conduct webinars, and present on governance topics for organizations large and small. Starboard consultants have developed the “Board Boot Camp” curriculum and a board recruitment webinar series for the Maine Association of Nonprofits, authored various governance handbooks, and developed a board self-assessment tool that is used nationally.

For more information on how we can assist you in strengthening your board and its governance, visit our Board Governance page.

Preparing for and ensuring successful leadership transitions

No matter what kind of leadership transition you are preparing for—one with plenty of lead time or a sudden and unexpected loss of a leader, we can help you develop succession and transition plans that will make the very best of this moment in time. We believe well-managed leadership transitions serve as opportunities for organizations to change direction, build momentum, and strengthen capacity, and we’ve helped dozens of organizations do just that.

Our clients have included family foundations who want to ensure that their philanthropic legacy brings their family together, not divide it. Family business owners have engaged us to help them develop plans and assist in the sometimes difficult conversations that are required in order to ensure a successful succession strategy. And nonprofit board leaders call on us to help them develop succession plans that lay the groundwork for leadership transitions.

For our nonprofit clients in Maine, we also provide executive search services. More details regarding our search services and clients can be found on the Executive Search page of our website.

Whether you are executing a carefully developed succession plan or reacting to a sudden leadership departure, we are able to offer a full array of services to support your organization through a leadership transition. Visit our Transition Planning page to learn more.

Let’s talk (free consultations)

Our Maine clients can count on us to begin every project with a conversation—a conversation that helps us to understand your unique needs and consider how best to assist you. Call now (207) 992-4400 to begin the conversation and learn more.

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