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Help Develop Your Leadership through Coaching

Several factors, including the growing number of nonprofit leadership transitions and increasing competition for limited financial resources, have led to increased interest in the use of executive leadership coaching as a professional development strategy. Executives interviewed for the 2011 Daring to Lead report assessed coaching as one of the most effective and underutilized professional development …
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Time to interview! Now what?

Your search committee has pored through the résumés and identified the most promising applicants, but who should be involved in the interview process? In a corporate setting the H.R. director and the hiring manager might be alone in interviewing candidates, while at a college or university the process might involve a hiring committee, multiple sessions …
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The Dollar Cost of Searching for a New Leader

One of the early questions board members face in a leadership transition is, “How much is this going to cost?” While the answer often begins with, “That depends,” here are the kinds of expenses you might anticipate: Search consultant – It is not unusual for search consultants to charge 25% to 33% of the first …
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Starboard Leadership Consulting Welcomes Mary Budd as Managing Director

Starboard Leadership Consulting, an affiliate of the law firm of Rudman Winchell, has announced the appointment of Mary Aselton Budd as managing director.  Budd will join the president and founder Jeff Wahlstrom in managing the seven-member firm and in leading Starboard’s organizational development work in Maine. Budd, a resident of Bangor, consulted primarily in the …
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Starboard Leadership Consulting Announces A New Hire

Starboard Leadership Consulting is pleased to announce that they have added Mike Hyde, of Trenton Maine, to their team of consultants. Hyde will join Starboard as a Consulting Partner and brings with him 40 years of experience in nonprofit management, most recently as Vice President for External Affairs and Strategic Partnerships at The Jackson Laboratory …
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Succession Strategies for Board Leadership

I recently met with an executive director of a nonprofit who told me, “My board chair and my treasurer are both ‘interim’.” When I asked the E.D. what that meant, the reply was: “Neither of them wants to continue as officers, but no one else from the board will take their places.” I wish I …
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