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Successful Board Member Recruitment – It Matters Who Asks

Board recruitment is a board responsibility. One more time. Board recruitment is a board responsibility. Yet too often the recruitment duties fall to the executive director (E.D.) or CEO. They shouldn’t. While the E.D. may be an ideal member of the recruitment team—joining a board member in making the ask—the E.D. should not take the …
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Recruiting board members – getting the meeting

Asking someone to join a board is an important request and should be done in person. This is not a time to make the ask in an e-mail message or a phone call. Even if the person you meet with eventually says “no” to your request, you want the opportunity to engage in a meaningful …
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Engage your new board members – Don’t wait!

People don’t join boards to sit back and watch. They want to make a difference, and they want to do meaningful work. Engage them in meaningful work from the very start, and don’t make the mistake of thinking, “Let’s give him/her time to get up-to-speed.” Here are a few things to keep in mind as …
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What’s a mission statement? What’s a vision statement?

Over the years, we’ve seen well-intentioned people cause strategic planning sessions to grind to a halt as they try to bend the group to their personal definitions of “mission” and “vision.” Somehow the words and concepts have become jumbled, and the result is that way too much time is wasted on terminology rather than on …
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Creating a Plan for Success

Why do some businesses thrive during challenging economic times while others fail? “In our business we plan to succeed.” That’s how Denis St. Peter, President of CES, describes his firm’s approach to strategic planning. It is that commitment to planning that positioned CES, an engineering firm headquartered in Brewer, Maine to expand its business to …
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