Insights from Starboard: Board Governance

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Succession Strategies for Board Leadership

I recently met with an executive director of a nonprofit who told me, “My board chair and my treasurer are both ‘interim’.” When I asked the E.D. what that meant, the reply was: “Neither of them wants to continue as officers, but no one else from the board will take their places.” I wish I …
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Building Board Leaders Requires a Process

Any experienced nonprofit CEO will tell you that they can do their jobs more effectively when they have a strong board leadership team with which to partner. Yet many nonprofits struggle to find and nurture strong board leaders, and when they are successful they tend to become overly reliant upon them and risk burnout. It’s …
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Board Leadership Turnover and Succession

One of the major issues facing nonprofit boards is the burnout of key members and leaders, which is often a byproduct of a lack of board development and leadership succession. While most boards understand the inherent risks that overdependence on key members can create, they nevertheless continue to struggle with doing anything about it and, …
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6 Benefits to Term Limits for Nonprofit Board Members

In Maine, when you mention “term limits” people automatically think of the legislative term limits adopted 20 years ago through referendum. More often than not, you’ll also hear some grumbling about the failure of term limits to improve the legislative process and why frequent turnover is not always a good thing. Despite this, I have …
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Preparing for the Board Chair Role: Opportunities & Challenges

The Governance Affinity Group of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management recently published a report based on its survey of 635 nonprofit board chairs from across the country. As one of the few studies done specifically with board chairs, it sought to answer two research questions: “How do individuals prepare for their role as chair of …
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Developing Your Hidden Gems: Building Leadership with a Passion For Your Mission

Board recruitment is one of the most important and challenging aspects of nonprofit work. Unfortunately, many nonprofits maximize their risks and minimize their opportunities because they look at it as an annual task rather than the ongoing leadership development process it should be. So, make a commitment towards identifying and nurturing internal leadership as a …
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