Insights from Starboard: Leadership Transitions

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Why you need a transition committee AND a search committee

Searching for a new leader and ensuring a smooth transition from one leader to the next are two different things. While some search committees end-up being called the “transition committee,” and may even find that their work extends beyond the search, I recommend to the nonprofit boards with which I work that they consider having …
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Mission Driven Leadership Transitions

A significant generational leadership transition is already taking place in the nonprofit sector, which will continue to accelerate over the next decade. This presents both challenges and opportunities to a nonprofit’s ability to sustain and enhance mission impact and creates a powerful incentive for departing nonprofit CEO’s and boards to develop mission driven processes that …
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Planning for Leadership Continuity – An Interview with Kathy Hunt

In corporate settings, it is taken for granted that “strategic leadership development” is central to succession planning—they are constantly working on developing a pool of leaders who will be ready to run corporate divisions, tackle transformational projects, or become the next CEO. Smooth transitions and successful operations require building leaders across the organization and not …
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Succession Planning – How the Board Chair Can Start the Conversation

It is probably not surprising that nonprofit board members are timid about starting the succession planning conversation with their chief executives. There is the fear that raising the subject might suggest to the chief executive that the board thinks it is time for him or her to leave. There is also the fear that that …
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Succession Planning Is Not Funeral Planning

When I first started consulting, I was asked on a couple of occasions to lead succession planning workshops for nonprofit leaders. Attendance at these sessions was disappointingly low, and rather than blame the low turn-out on the presenter, I suggested to the organizers that, “for some leaders, talking about succession planning can feel like planning …
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Succession Planning as an Ongoing Proposition

More often than not, nonprofit board members think about succession planning only when it has already become transition planning—the organization’s chief executive has announced that she is departing or retiring and the board is in a state of panic. Given enough lead time (18-24 months) the board has time to engage in “departure defined” succession …
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