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The Dollar Cost of Executive Search

One of the initial questions board members ask when faced with a leadership transition is, “How much is this going to cost?” While the response is likely to be, “That depends,” here are the kinds of expenses you might anticipate: Search consultant – It is not unusual for search consultants to charge 25% to 33% …
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Should Staff Serve on the Search Committee?

“Should staff serve on the search committee?” It is a question we hear at the start of every search for a nonprofit leader. If a board member doesn’t ask it, a staff member is sure to. Having advised multiple boards as they embark upon the search process for an executive director (president or CEO), here’s …
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Selecting a Search Firm – 6 Questions to Consider

How familiar is the firm with the landscape in which we work? If you are hoping to generate local or regional candidates, as well as applicants from other states, you’ll find it very helpful to engage a firm or consultant who is familiar with your competition, as well as your partners, knows the geography in …
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Executive Search – Can We Do It Ourselves?

If you are fortunate, you’ve grown the talent you need within your organization—you have someone who is ready for leadership, who has the experience required and the support of the board, staff, and key stakeholders. Well-planned succession of leadership is certainly the ideal, but rarely is it reality. While large corporations may have the luxury …
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Strategic Post-Election Questions for You and Your Board

Every statewide election is sure to bring change: new legislators, possible leadership turnover at the department level, revised or new priorities, shifts in funding, and plenty of opportunities and challenges.  You can wait on the sidelines for things to settle-out, or you can bring your board and staff together to ask the “what if?” questions …
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Nonprofit Leadership Succession-Passing the Baton

Community based nonprofits function most effectively when they build a culture of shared leadership, where the development of new leaders on both the board and staff levels is ongoing. Since long term mission impact should be the goal of every nonprofit, it’s important to explicitly acknowledge that key board and staff leaders only serve the …
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