Effective Managers

Effective Managers

Help your managers be more effective and bring out the best in others

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Help your managers be more effective and bring out the best in others

Leaders will tell you that the most challenging aspect of the job—and often the most rewarding—is managing people. If they were lucky, those leaders received training in management skills and got the coaching they needed in order to be effective managers. More often than not, however, they’ve learned by trial and error, figuring it out along the way and taking lessons from every success and from every failure.

At Starboard we believe that developing effective managers doesn’t have to be a trial and error process of on-the-job training. We’ve worked with multiple organizations and their managers—new managers and those who’ve been at it for years—to offer research based assessments, personalized feedback, and customized training programs. Maine’s most successful corporations and nonprofit organizations have turned to us to provide the kind of tailored management training that can’t be found anywhere else.

As authorized Everything DiSC partners, we use the Everything DiSC Management tool. This research based assessment provides management specific, personalized content to each manager and offers insights into their own behavioral styles and how they can use that knowledge to more effectively work with and manage others.

Using a multi-session format that provides participants with time between sessions to implement lessons learned, we offer interactive sessions, as well as individual follow-up on:

  • Directing and delegating
  • Improving employee motivation
  • Employee development
  • Working with your manager

In short, if you are looking to build or enhance your own management skills or those of your management team, we can bring you proven tools, strategy, and consulting support to help you accomplish your goals.

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