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Strategies for engaging stakeholders and creating buy-in

In developing their planning processes, most organizations recognize the importance of getting buy-in and a shared sense of ownership from key stakeholders—clients, community members, partners, donors, volunteers, and staff. People like to be asked for their opinions, and your strategic planning process can be an ideal time to seek and get stakeholder input from those who can play an essential role in your plan’s success.

We are prepared to explore with you who it is you really need to hear from in your planning process and how best to engage them in a meaningful yet efficient manner.

Our stakeholder outreach often includes one-on-one in-person interviews, multiple discussion groups, staff and board retreats, on-line and paper surveys, and phone interviews. We’ve learned that there is tremendous value, and greater receptivity to sharing, when our consulting team conducts the stakeholder outreach on your behalf as the impartial gatherer of information. You’ll be looking for honest and direct feedback, and we can get that for you.

While short-term action plans can sometimes be created in isolation, plans that are truly strategic are always better when those who care, or should care, about your organization’s future are given a voice.

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