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Today’s highly competitive, ever-changing business environment requires business owners and corporate leaders to develop plans to prepare them to take advantage of opportunities, build effective managers and teams, and put in place succession plans that ensure smooth transitions and leadership continuity. For more than a decade, we’ve been partnering with business leaders like you to grow their businesses, train their leaders and managers, and build an employee culture that supports their goals.

Business Leaders turn to Starboard for:

  • Practical solutions – At Starboard, we are known for a practical, commonsense approach that will provide you with efficient and effective strategies to address the issues and solve the problems you face today. We will never waste your time or your money.
  • Depth and breadth of experience – Our team approach to consulting means that we will always match the right consultant with the proper knowledge, to meet your needs. We also know the value of a good referral, and we are not afraid to connect you to other trusted resources if they can bring you value.
  • Strategies that make sense for Maine – Our knowledge of the state, its uniquely different communities, and its people give us an advantage when tailoring strategies to meet your needs. We won’t hand you strategies that may have worked in Texas or Taipai when you require a unique strategy for your employees in Topsham. And we won’t be boarding a plane when we are done. We are here for you.

“We’re always pushing to take our organization to the next level. Starboard has helped us reach new heights with leadership and management skills, employee engagement, and talent management. My experience is that Starboard always works really hard to add value in every way possible. As a result, I always hear positive feedback from our employees following Starboard’s work with us.”

– Larry Barker, CEO of Machias Savings Bank

Develop High-performing Leaders, Teams, & Organizations

Organizations that thrive in challenging times do so because they are continually working to build the strengths of their leaders, their managers, and their teams. That work almost always begins by focusing on developing effective working relationships throughout the organization and implementing strategies to improve workplace communication and teamwork.

Our Starboard Consulting Team will work with you to:

  • Build more effective workplace relationships and strengthen communication
  • Customize proven training programs for your managers
  • Set goals and develop an action plan to support your growth and learning as a leader
  • Implement a truly effective 360 evaluation process

As authorized partners of Wiley’s Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, we bring to our partnership with you not just experienced trainers and facilitation but also proven assessment and training tools used by organizations worldwide.

For more information about Starboard’s leadership and team development services and what we can offer your company, please visit our website’s Leadership & Team Development page.

Strategic Business Plans Chart Your Course to Success

You know you need a plan. What you’ve done to this point may have worked, but can you afford to keep making business decisions based upon your good instincts? Probably not.

Without a strategic plan, you always react, letting others or external conditions shape what you do next. At Starboard, we help you look beyond the day-to-day of your work, even just briefly, and create a plan that puts you in charge of your company’s future.

We know that one of the real challenges of creating a plan is finding time to do it. Our clients count on us to help them manage an efficient strategic planning process that leads to a clear set of goals, action steps, and timelines.

Our Business Clients depend on Starboard to:

  • Tailor a planning process that meets their needs without wasting their time
  • Help them arrive at practical, commonsense solutions to meet today’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Link the plan to the budget and revenue goals
  • Develop strategies to ensure staff ownership and accountability for the plan’s success

Count on us to begin the strategic planning process with a conversation. A conversation allows us to shape a planning process to meet your unique needs and achieve your company’s goals. Additional information about our approach to strategic planning can be found on our website’s Strategic Planning page.

Succession Plans Support Successful Leadership Transitions

You’ve built something special, a business, a customer base, and an employee team of which you are very proud. Along the way, you’ve probably become “indispensable,” making succession planning all the more daunting. Working with our partners at the law firm of Rudman Winchell, we can help you to navigate the essential conversations, begin to lay the groundwork, and navigate the technical challenges of developing a succession plan for your business.

As your confidential advisors, we can assist you with:

  • Managing family and employee dynamics
  • Putting policies and procedures in place
  • Developing board governance policies and practices
  • Supporting you in implementing essential strategies to put the appropriate groundwork in place

Any succession planning process begins with a confidential conversation to learn more about your unique needs, intentions, and hopes for your company’s future. Together we can develop, at your pace, a succession plan that will help you put in place the leadership you need and manage a transition that will ensure the continuity of your business and its future success.

Let’s Talk

Our clients can count on us to begin every project with a conversation. A conversation helps us to understand your unique business consulting needs and consider how best to assist you. Call now (207) 992-4407 to begin the conversation and learn more. All initial consultations are free of charge.

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