Are You Ready for Advice From an Advisory Council?

The name “advisory council” suggests there will be advice offered. While the intention may be that the advisory council is offering advice to the board of directors, be sure the board truly wants the advice and is ready to respond.

Advisory councils to which no one is really listening can leave the participants feeling empty at best and angry at worst. They can also leave board members scratching their heads and wondering, “Who thought THIS would be a good idea!”

Successful advisory councils are clear about their purpose, and the advice they are being asked to offer is truly sought by the organization’s staff or board. Happy advisory council members have confidence their voices are being heard and their advice is being considered, even if those receiving the advice don’t always take it.

Be clear about the purpose of your advisory council; be certain you want the advice they will offer; and be sure to prove to your council members that you are really listening.

There is much more advice regarding advisory councils and other governance matters in the blog section of our Starboard website:, or, of course, you can contact us now and a member of our team will follow-up with you.