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We are happy to share what we learn, and we do this as workshop instructors, by developing curriculum for the Maine Association of Nonprofits and individual clients, and by offering advice on our Starboard blog. Take a look. You just might find the guidance you need!

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Linking succession planning to the evaluation conversation

I have found that leadership succession planning within nonprofits is handled in much the same way that most families approach funeral planning or preparing their wills—in other words, they go to great lengths to avoid it. For board members, there is a fear that raising the subject might suggest to the chief executive that the …
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Board chairs must take the lead in the compensation discussion

I have been stunned by the number of chief executives with whom I’ve consulted who have told me that it has been years since the board has made any adjustment to their compensation. In one case, it had been more than 5 years since she had a raise! While I place some level of blame …
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Support ongoing leadership development for your chief executive

The most successful corporations in the world have long known the value of investing in leadership development. They appreciate that there really is no such thing as a “born leader” and that becoming a successful manager doesn’t happen overnight. Rather than cross their fingers and hope the people they hire will evolve into successful leaders …
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Evaluations – the pathway to professional development

During my years as a chief executive, I always reviewed the evaluations that were written by supervisors prior to those evaluations being presented to the employees. Believing that the evaluation process should identify accomplishments and strengths as well as opportunities for growth and improvement, I was regularly disappointed to see written evaluations that failed to …
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Setting the stage for the chief executive’s annual review

Whenever I am in a workshop setting that includes nonprofit chief executives, I ask, “How many of you are evaluated on an annual basis by your board?” Usually about half the people in the room will raise their hands. Then I’ll ask those that raised their hands, “How many of you have actually been formally …
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Orienting chief executive evaluations to look to the future

In the previous blog entry, I expressed the importance of annual evaluations of the chief executive and the role of the board chair in ensuring that evaluations happen. I noted that the topic of evaluations is not easily encompassed in a single blog posting or article, let alone in an entire book on the subject, …
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