Insights from Starboard: Strategic Planning

We are happy to share what we learn, and we do this as workshop instructors, by developing curriculum for the Maine Association of Nonprofits and individual clients, and by offering advice on our Starboard blog. Take a look. You just might find the guidance you need!

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Nonprofit leaders – 8 good reasons to embark upon strategic planning

Whether you are the CEO, president, or executive director, the reality is that you have a lot on your plate! While you know your organization should have a strategic plan, there are plenty of obstacles that can get in the way of launching a strategic planning process. What follows are our thoughts on why there …
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Stakeholder Engagement – Getting Buy-in for your Strategic Plan

Recognizing the inefficiency that often comes with committee processes, it can be tempting to think you can develop a strategic plan in short order by just getting the “right people” in the room to power through the planning process. As tempting as that might be, what it ignores is the importance of getting buy-in and …
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How long will our strategic planning process take?

One of the biggest time variables in any strategic planning process is the amount of stakeholder involvement you choose to have. With limited or no stakeholder involvement, a smaller organization with a limited scope of work might be able to measure the length of their planning process in weeks rather than months (dependent upon an …
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Why board members should embrace strategic planning

Most members of nonprofit boards know that their organization needs a strategic plan—a plan that is current and truly guides the work. However, knowing that a plan is needed and actually engaging in the planning process are two different things. Volunteer board members can usually find a number of reasons to avoid embarking on strategic …
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Navigate Uncertain Times with a Strategic Plan

In times of uncertainty, organizations and their leaders may be tempted to wait and see what happens next (and hope for the best). The risk here is that you are letting other people or other factors shape your direction. Our advice is to take control of your future by devoting time now to create an …
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Strategic Post-Election Questions for You and Your Board

Every statewide election is sure to bring change: new legislators, possible leadership turnover at the department level, revised or new priorities, shifts in funding, and plenty of opportunities and challenges.  You can wait on the sidelines for things to settle-out, or you can bring your board and staff together to ask the “what if?” questions …
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