Looking for Honest Performance Feedback?

In the workshops we lead, there is always an evaluation form for attendees to fill-out at the conclusion. We get immediate feedback on our performance and use that input to refine the curriculum and improve our presentation for future sessions. It isn’t always easy to read, but that constructive feedback is essential if we really want to improve our workshops—and we do!

Organizational leaders deserve performance feedback too. The further you move up the organizational ladder, the harder it can be to get meaningful performance feedback. It may be that you receive an annual review conducted by your boss or board of directors, but what do the people you work with every day—especially the people you manage—think of your performance? Without a method to get honest feedback—truly honest feedback—how do you know how you are doing or where there are opportunities to improve?

Asking, “How am I doing?” is not for everyone. You first have to acknowledge that you have room for improvement. Even the best leaders of people and managers of teams are not perfect, and you need to be prepared for feedback that may be hard to hear. You must also be ready to do something with the feedback you receive. If, for example, you receive multiple comments suggesting you don’t communicate frequently enough, are you ready to develop and implement strategies to address this? Don’t ask for feedback if you aren’t prepared to act upon it!

Getting honest feedback requires the right tool. While a “360-degree” review—seeking input from above, below, and laterally—offers the opportunity for meaningful feedback, choosing the right tool is essential. Ideally a 360 should provide frank and unvarnished feedback from those with whom you work most closely, but orchestrating that process and ensuring those participating in the evaluation feel safe in offering their comments is no easy matter. You need to feel safe too—certain the feedback you receive will stay confidential and, ideally, will guide the development of strategies to increase your effectiveness.

The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders. For self-aware leaders who are committed to building their management and leadership skills, we believe the “Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders” is a great way to get feedback from a variety of sources and identify strategies for strengthening your leadership abilities. It’s a dynamic, 360-degree evaluation tool that incorporates critical feedback from direct reports, peers, and your supervisor into a development plan designed to increase effectiveness in your leadership role. Administered by Starboard, you can assure those offering feedback that their responses will remain anonymous. You can also have confidence you are using a proven tool that will provide you with objective and meaningful feedback in a confidential report.

Take a look now at a sample report to see what kind of feedback is provided through the DiSC 363 process, as well as to see an example of the personalized strategies that offered in the report.

If you are interested in learning more, including pricing for the DiSC 363 and administration, please use our contact form to express your interest. Additional information about our team building and leadership development support can be found on the Starboard website: www.starboardleadership.com.